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12 Reasons Sarees Are The Most Flattering Outfit Ever

Six yards of fabulous.

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1. Sarees can add glamour to any task or occasion.

2. They make you feel confident and sexy as hell.

3. Wearing one automatically means that no matter where you are, you steal the show.

4. They are the tradition, passed down through generations, adored by each one.

5. Even the simplest designs come with 6-yards worth of class.

6. And endless opportunities for playfulness.

7. When it comes to sarees, there's no such thing as too colourful, too vibrant, or too god damn stylish.

8. They are a promise of elegance.

10. Anyone who says sarees are restricting obviously just needs to tuck that pallu in and let loose.

11. Sarees are basically a way to drape yourself in fierceness and poise.

12. And to own, in your personal way, hundreds of years of desi pride.