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12 Photos Of Indian Couples On Their Wedding Day Will Give You Immense Feels

Hey ma, need you to start looking for damaads for yourself.

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1. These two who will be there for each other be it rain, snow... or flowers. ❤️

2. And this couple who just can't stop looking at each other. ❤️

3. Like really, they don't care if the whole world's watching them. ❤️

4. Because they found the world in each other's eyes. ❤️

5. And that's realllyyy all that you need from life, anyway. ❤️

6. Look at them taking their first steps as a couple, awww. ❤️

7. And these two, who are sealing the bond of their relationship with tradition. ❤️

8. These two who are at a loss of words for their happiness, so they're talking telepathically. ❤️

9. This groom who is intently admiring his name in her mehndi. ❤️

10. And this groom who will wipe every tear she sheds, and will try to never make her cry in the first place. ❤️

11. These two who are ready to enter their new life, full of sunshine and smiles. ❤️

12. And these two, who just know as long as they're together, happiness is guaranteed. ❤️