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19 Photos From India That Demand An Explanation

Are you a donkey or are you a zebra?

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1. Cycle, do you need to see a psychiatrist? You're clearly having identity crisis.

Mayank Sahu / Via

2. Truck, go to the psychiatrist with Cycle, please. You're not a horse.

Krishna Pedaprolu / Via

3. Horse, are you pulling the bike or is the bike pulling you?

Karima Khan

4. Scooter, how did you get on the luna in the first place?

Mohit Arora / Via

5. Truck, what have you seen that's compelled you to ask people to use diapers at nite?

Mohit Arora; / Via

6. Plantation, was it Sunny Deol who tried to pluck the trees? Or was it Khali?

Mayank Arora / Via

7. Architect, did you enjoy the last laugh?

Jayant Kaushik / Via

8. Police inspector sir, "GMD" was only a song.

9. Donkey, do you want to go with Cycle and Truck?

10. Sir, did you not read the sign or are you a rebel?


11. Rickshaw, do you want to go with Cycle, Truck and Donkey?

12. Lorry, aren't you supposed to be at the back of a train? On the tracks?

No? Ok.

13. Child, the "baby cot" was invented for you. Have you considered sleeping in it?

14. Sir, you do not grab a bull by its hump.

15. Elephant, have you not heard of "professionalism"?

16. It is for a cock.. but.. you're wrong...

17. Truck, how did you even?

18. What did the natives do, sign? What did they do?

The nation wants to know!

The nation wants to know!

19. And lastly, what did life do to you, rickshaw?