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11 Indian Moms Told Us What They Really Wanted For Mother's Day

No clothes, no jewellery, no mugs... just hugs.

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Karima Khan / BuzzFeed

"My daughter herself is the biggest gift of my life. I want her to do best in her career and prove herself, ♥ Love U, Shruti ♥"

Geeta, Teacher

Mom of a 21 year old


Karima Khan / Buzzfeed

(In Hindi) "I want that my kids be happy forever, and manage the toughest of situations with confidence. I love my children, and they love me 🌼"

Rita, Homemaker

Mother of a 10 and a 14 year old


Karima Khan / Buzzfeed

"Respect women the way you respect me and always be positive in your life. To, my lovely kiddos 😊"

Darshana, Homemaker

Mom of an 8 and a 10 year old

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