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    14 Logic-Defying GIFs From Indian Cinema That Perfectly Explain Your Life

    If only you could really punch five people at once.

    1. When someone offers to drop bae home in their swanky car.

    2. When you perfectly sneak out of your house without waking anyone up.

    3. When you think your joke will bomb but everyone starts laughing.

    4. When you're trying to impress your crush.

    Devgan Films / Via

    5. And then you see other people hitting on them, too.


    6. When you go to the movies and someone starts talking on the phone.

    7. When you're slaying the No Shave November game.

    8. When you can't find your lighter but still have your swag.

    9. When you need a minute to recover from your friend's mad jokes.

    10. When you're motivated to finish everything on your to-do list.

    Sun Pictures / Via

    11. When it's raining and no rickshaw or taxi will agree to take you home.

    Baba Films / Via

    12. The day after leg day.

    13. When you see dumb Facebook status updates.


    14. And finally, when you walk out of a Bollywood movie without feeling brain damage.

    Sohail Khan Productions / Via