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11 Indian Male Models Who Are Responsible For This Hot, Hot Summer

Please keep a glass of chilled water near you and watch it evaporate. Just like your heart.

1. This hunk who is causing immense thirst.

2. This guy whose smile (and other things) is the reason it's so bright outside.

3. This dude who is creating an eclipse indoors.

4. This guy who is causing men and women alike to spontaneously combust.

5. This guy who is sun god on a chariot on his way to steal your heart.

6. This perfection of a human who is leading the heat wave crew.

7. This guy who you wish was your shade.

8. This one who is inspiring everyone to take long, relaxing showers.

9. This guy who is most probably, one hundred percent thinking about you.

10. This one who is literally why you're not being able to think straight.

11. And this god-sent-human who is sorry for the summer, but you know he can't help it.