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The 12 Most Important GIFs Of Salman Taking His Shirt Off

Why did we bhai-zone him, again?

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12. The Cheerharan:

Why It Matters: This very moment in Indian television proved that Salman Khan's body is always ready. #IYKWIM.

11. The Original Magic Mike:

Karima Khan / SLB Films

Why It Matters: Through this particular scene in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Salman Khan proved that you need to have the attitude to flaunt it more than you need a flauntable body, you know?

10. The Aspirational Disrobing:

Karima Khan / SLB Films

Why It Matters: This one teaches us so much about imagination. Even though Salman is living in a house surrounded by a desert, he's beach-ready and happy about it. Dress for the occasion you want, people, not the one you have.

9. The Traps of Steel:

Karima Khan / Film Kraft / Via

Why It Matters: In the era when boys were crazy about big biceps and six pack abs, Salman here slyly gives a nod to what they should really be working on: traps. Those beautifully understated muscles that sit atop your shoulders are the real distinguishers of a truly sexy man.

8. The Judge of All Bodily Things:

Star TV / Via

Why It Matters: When Salman Khan took off his shirt on "Chhote Ustaad," he was actually giving a lesson in health, showing off his hot bod to inculcate in young children that it's important to take care of your body so that one day you, too, can take your shirt off on national television without a care.

7. The Shirt Can't Even Handle Me Right Now:

Karima Khan / Sahara One Motion Pictures

Why It Matters: In this GIF, we are taught the lofty lesson of fighting fire with fire. In other words, when your body gets as hot as Salman's, even fire won't be able to destroy it.

6. The Fountain of Youth:

Karima Khan / Sohail Khan Productions

Why It Matters: This GIF restores our faith in the god of the sea, Poseidon. To see his magic at work, just work it at the gym and get a body like Salman. That's literally all that you will need.

5. The Cyclone Hudhud:

Karima Khan / Via Sohail Khan Productions

Why It Matters: You learn so much about how wind works when you've got a bod that's hot AF. Honestly, all the elements lose their shit so thoroughly around Salman, he just may be the answer to our global energy crisis.

4. The Don't You Dare:

Karima Khan / Nadiadwala Grandsons'

Why It Matters: It's common knowledge that a game is won when the enemy gets intimidated by you. What better way to throw off your opponent than by showing them your iron body and making them weak in the knees?

3. The How To Unfollow Fashion Trends:

Karima Khan / G. S. Entertainment

Why It Matters: Fashion trends change by the minute and when they do, any self-respecting fashion icon needs to be ready to move on immediately, even if that means taking off your mesh vest in the middle of an ogling crowd.

2. The Time-Travel Ready:

Karima Khan / Eros Intl.

Why It Matters: One day there will be a time machine and what if you're randomly selected to be sent back to the era of Rajputs to fight a war against invasion? So work out and keep your abs in place, just in case.

1. The Khandaani Strip:

Karima Khan / Via Sohail Khan Productions

Why It Matters: Family reunions are awkward and while one option is to stand around for the ice to break (like everyone in the background of this GIF), another is to SUDDENLY bare your smokin' hot bod so the ice will have no choice but to melt around you. Family first, y'all.

Thanks for so many important lessons, Salman!

May you never find your shirt.

Karima Khan / Sohail Khan Production