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This Is What Kanan Gill Used To Look Like Before He Became India's Hottest Comedian

He Neville Longbottom'd real hard, guys.

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This is Kanan Gill as you know him – a stand-up comedian...

Kanan Gill / Via Facebook: 179016485620770

One half of your favourite Bollywood movie review show...

Kanan Gill / Via

The face from that ad...

Basically, a smart, funny, talented, hot, perfect person.

Oh yeah, did we mention he's also a musician?

Kanan Gill / Via

And this is Kanan Gill from the past.

Yep, it's definitely him. 100% sure, it's him.

*Files this under the most intense "before-after" photos ever*

Same person, pinky promise.

Kanan Gill

We're all very shocked.


So is present-day Kanan.

If he can do it! You can do it!

Kanan Gill / Shaadi
Kanan Gill / Shaadi
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Kanan Gill / Shaadi


Red Chillies Entertainment / Via