11 Lessons From Indian Cows On How To Not Give A Damn

Cows offer a lot more than just milk.

Cows in general, hands down, are just the most adorable creatures that were sent to Earth.

Creative Commons / Via pixabay.com

Just look at this cutie, awwwww.

Creative Commons / Via pixabay.com

But in India, they’re more famous for their flawless, natural and absolute sass. They teach you about the chill life, you need only pay attention.

Anurag Agnihotri via

1. Lesson 2: Give fucks, not.

This cow knows she’s the beast on a one way street but do you really think she gives two fucks about it? She don’t.

Creative Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

2. Lesson 3: Throw shade, you may.

Yes, she’s BFFs with a sheep. U got a problem? That’s not her problem.

Creative Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

3. Lesson 4: Throw excessive shade, you may.

“I still don’t get why you’re photographing this absolutely regular thing. Get a job or something.” - Dog.

Creative Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

4. Lesson 5: Roll with your homies, you must.

These streets and this ‘hood belongs to nobody else but you.

Creatives Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org
Creative Commons / Ross Huggett / Via Flickr: rosshuggett


6. Lesson 6: Pose with your homies, you must absolutely.

If cows could, they’d be better at taking selfies than humans, tbh.

Creative Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

“LOL. #Butt #Tail #Photobomb #Fun #River #Stairs”

Creative Commons / Anurag Agnihotri / Via Flickr: agnihot

8. Lesson 7: Befriend a living being of another species, you must.

Such friendships come with perks of love, care and cuddles. As they can’t interact with your species, they’re good to vent frustration to, too.

Creative Commons / Via commons.wikimedia.org

9. Lesson 8: Do what you want, always.

When you gotta contemplate over life, you gotta contemplate even if it’s in the middle of the road. #NoJudgement.

Creative Commons

Srsly #NoJudgement whatsoever.

11. Lesson 9: Dress to look flawless, always.

Channel your inner diva and expose the world to your dripping awesomeness cuz you deserve it.

Afp / Getty Images

13. Lesson 10: Live life on the edge, you may.

Creative Commons / Aleksandr Zykov / Via Flickr: infanticida

If this cow doesn’t inspire you to catch a train to thrill, I don’t know what will.

14. Lesson 11: Wind down with nature, you must.

Creative Commons / Karunakar Rayker


At the end of the day when you’ve won the living-chill life, hit the beach and relax. You deserve it.

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