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14 Things Punjabis Are Tired Of Hearing

Make a Santa-Banta joke one more time.

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1. "Hey it's 12 o'clock. Hahaha."

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Ah, what a perfect time for me to punch you in your face.

2. "Are you like always drunk?"

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Are you like always makin' dumb assumptions?

3. *Attempts to speak in Punjabi* "Chak de phatte, napp de killi!"

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Please. Stop.

4. "So, if you're a Punjabi, how are you a vegetarian?"

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By choice. That's how.

5. "Wait, what? You don't drink?"


To drink at night, or not. My choice.

6. "Let's have some makke di roti and sarson da saag!"

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How dare... well, okay, yes, that sounds amazing actually.

7. "Why are you all so loud?"

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Can't hear you over the sound of my mom calling me for some butter chicken.

8. "Why are you perpetually angry?"


Because of people like you.

9. "Okay, listen. Santa asked Banta..."

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Wow! Amazing joke! Look! My middle finger is giving you a standing ovation!

10. "Shut up, of course you love Honey Singh. You're Punjabi."

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Fitteh moo tera!

11. "Aren't you too skinny to be Punjabi?"

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And yet I can take your ass down in a fight.

12. "All your relatives live in Canada, na?"

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Seems like yours live in your ass.

13. "Cool, you can play the guitar! Play Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun."

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14. "Doesn't it get boring? Eating parantha for breakfast every day?"

*Takes a spoonful of ghee and pours it on the parantha* Nah, no complaints.
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*Takes a spoonful of ghee and pours it on the parantha* Nah, no complaints.