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    15 Reasons Fawad Khan Is The Disney Prince You've Been Waiting For

    Hey baby, make my zindagi gulzar already.

    1. Let's begin with the obvious: his hotness is reason enough.

    2. And that perfect beard is sone pe suhaga.

    3. You know he had you when you looked into his piercing, gorgeous eyes.

    Hum TV / Via http//

    4. Sonam Kapoor perfectly understands what he does to you.

    Disney / Via

    5. And he knows it too.

    Disney / Via

    6. The fact that he's lived in Greece, Saudi Arabia and the UK before moving to Pakistan makes him the culturally sensitive prince you deserve.

    Hum TV / Via

    7. He's that hopeless romantic who married his high school sweetheart Sadaf, whom he proposed to when they were just 17.

    8. At age 13, while most guys were playing with Pokémon cards, he began his modeling career.

    9. He originally wanted to pursue aeronautical engineering, which means that this face of a divine angel stacks an immeasurable amount of brain.

    10. His musical side makes your heart break into melodies. He could play the guitar, bass and drums all when he was 20.

    Hum TV / Via

    11. He put his honey-dripping voice to use as the lead singer of the band Entity Paradigm (and he could use it again to serenade you to sleep).

    Creative Commons / Via

    12. He's got the art of sustained-sexy-eye-contact down for all the staring matches you might have with him.

    Hum TV / Via

    13. Even Bollywood couldn't resist his charm and are giving him a break with Disney's Khoobsurat.

    Disney / Via

    14. Where he makes every frame look 10x sexier.

    Disney / Via

    15. Officially making him the Disney prince of your dreams.

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