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    11 Nov 2014

    16 Things You Should Never Tell A Desi At The Gym

    "Good, you'll lose the Diwali weight. LOL."

    1. "Array, very good you joined. You needed it."

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    2. "Haha, looks like you ate way too much mithai during Diwali!"

    Rajshri Productions / Via

    3. "Weight shate don't do. Do cardio."

    SLB Films / Via

    Well, you're a piece of shate.

    4. "Is that a beer belly or are you preggo? Haha."

    http://G.P. Sippy / Via

    5. "Did you just join? Dekh ke aisa hi lag raha hai."

    6. "Mummy shaadi ke liye ladke dhundh rahi hai kya?"

    G. A. Sheshagiri Rao / Via

    Are you even in your senses?

    7. "Eat only kakdi, tamatar and boiled chicken with no oil, you'll lose weight damn fast."

    Yash Raj Films / Via

    8. "All you need is cardio and nothing else."

    9. "Don't do treadmill re. Do elliptical, works on full body."

    Hari Om Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh /

    10. "Array, girls shouldn't lift heavy weights. You will get muscles."

    Dharma Productions / Via

    I already have muscles, you need a brain.

    11. "No, no! Don't take whey protein, it's steroids."

    Star World / Via

    *Deep breaths*

    12. "Wo builder dekh udhar... Steroids."

    13. "You want abs right? I do 500 crunches everyday."

    Dharma Productions / Via Imaan Sheikh /

    14. "Do GM diet, ek week mein 5kg lose hoyega."

    Warner Bros / Via

    15. "You're already so skinny, why are you working out?"

    Sony Entertainment TV / Via

    16. And the one thing you should never ask under any circumstances, "Kuch weight kamm hua kya?"


    Please, let me punch you and make you lose the weight of your teeth.

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