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27 Pictures That Will Bring Back Every Indian's School Memories

"Colour, colour, what colour do you choose?"

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1. The "ink rubber" that lied to your face and got away with it.

2. The apt lyrics to how you learnt your ABCs.

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3. This coming-of-age box of instruments that guaranteed superiority over younger friends.


4. This massive achievement attained every year.

90 Childhood Memories / Via

5. The device that was created to challenge your lung strength.

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6. The drawings by Dragon Ball fanboys that were present everywhere.

Ashwin Kohale

7. The masterpieces you created during crafts period.

Shruti Bhat / Via

8. And the intellectually challenging games you played during free periods.

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"Colour, colour which colour do you choose?" -Tagore

9. The ultimate outcome predictor of your crushes.

10. And the percentage of love they have allocated just for you.

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11. The cheapest thirst quencher that came in beloved kalakhatta flavour.

12. The profile pages we had before Facebook.

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13. Your handwriting when you knew the answers...

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14. And when you didn't.

15. The punishment that was way funner than attending class.

16. Your style statement for the first two decades of your life.

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17. The seniors "Saree Day" event that you waited all year for.

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18. Your first manicure, which resulted in the most delicious nails you've ever had.

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19. The secret to Sachin's and your inexhaustible energy.

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20. The picture day you wouldn't miss going to school for.

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21. Your introduction to India's rich heritage of literature and art.

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22. The epic boredom and existential crises that came with sitting on the first bench.

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23. The Dooms Day when your parents and teacher met to discuss you.

Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth / Via

BONUS: The expression of pure despair on their faces that we're all so familiar with.

Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth / Via

24. The memory of the first outing you had with your friends without parental supervision.

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25. And the excitement of finally performing the dance you'd practiced for months.


26. The "fancy dress" parties and contests where it was totally cool if you wanted to be a flower pot.


27. And, most importantly, the friends you grew up with; no matter how far you go and how long it's been, home will always be where they are.

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Ah, school days.