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    5 Nov 2014

    This Moving Video-Letter From An Indian To A Pakistani Should Be Required Viewing For All Our Politicians

    "Our future need not be our past repeating itself."

    A country was divided 67 years ago and it was as if a family had gotten separated. This short film called "Pause" shows an Indian man narrating a letter to a Pakistani brother.

    Handloom Picture Company / Via

    And it is spoken by the voice from deep within our hearts.

    Handloom Pictures Company / Via

    Watch the moving narration here:

    View this video on YouTube

    You can also watch it on Handloom Picture Company's official Facebook page here.

    I was inspired by a story that was narrated to me by a friend, years ago. He was a cricket tourist to Pakistan in 2004. I was humbled by the amount of love they showered on him just because he was a guest from India. People are people everywhere, politics and political decisions draw boundaries between us. If I am bothered by something wrong in the society, I want to fix it. So, I just sit and write till I have an answer that will fix the problem, and also, I like the solution to be elegant and beautiful. All art is meant to make life beautiful. If mine makes it beautiful for even one person, that's more than what I need.

    The prequels to "Pause", "Mute" and "Unmute" were about rallying people to vote in the Indian elections and about pressuring politicians for change. Watch them on Ram Subramanian's YouTube channel.

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