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16 Photos That Prove Karisma Kapoor Clearly Has Access To A Fountain Of Youth

Because there's no way 40 can look like this without some sorcery involved.

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2. It's been 20 years since we were first introduced to her flawlessness, and holy crap, she's still slayin' every game.

3. Did Snape brew you a draught of the Ever Pretty, Karisma?

4. Did Disney create you when they prototyped all their princesses?

5. Karisma Kapoor so flawless, Instagram feels bad when she filters her photos because it gets in the way of her natural beauty.

6. She makes a Bombay sunset look like garbage in comparison with her face.

7. Nobody has ever gone down any stairs with this much unbelievable regality.

8. Here she is, just casually exuding her own light. Literally, this is a dark room. And she is AGLOW with beauty.

9. #Breaking: The fountain of youth truly exists because this woman cannot be 40 years old.

10. (Could this be it, you guys?)

11. Bollywood legend, mother of two, casual goddess.

12. Observe how in this photograph, her face appears three times, and it is incomprehensibly stunning each time.

13. Teach us how you do what you do, Karisma.

15. Stay fabulous, Karisma. Breach your contract with the beauty gods and tell us your secrets.