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Hrithik Roshan Just Tweeted About "The Dress" And The Internet Trolled Him Mercilessly

They beat him white and gold.

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Three months (300 years in internet time) after The Dress broke the internet, Hrithik Roshan just posted this tweet.

White and gold ? Or blue and black? Ask around.

And Twitter IMMEDIATELY got to what it does best: trolling.

Hrithik Roshan's next tweet will be on Orkut.

When the flashback scenes from the movies get to you in real life.

@iHrithik is the bunty of that soap ad. Uska saabun slow hai !!

TIL @iHrithik uses Internet Explorer.

.@iHrithik you seriously need Jaadu again in your life.

People gave him a lot of spoilers.

Does @iHrithik know Narendra Modi came to power and that the mother dies and robin and ted end up together?

@iHrithik does know gangadgar hi shaktimaan hai right? Or is it too early to tell him this?

.@iHrithik Also check out the new iPhone 6, launching today.

And we're all looking forward to seeing what Hrithik discovers next.

Next year Hrithik will do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

I take solace in the fact that @iHrithik will wake up ten years from now realizing exactly how cringeworthy "God, Allah aur Bhagwan" was.

And FYI – it's black and blue.