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46 School Memories That Are More Important Than Your Board Exam Results

Your life is more than just two numbers.

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1. Bunking a boring class with your best friend.

2. (Or, let's be real, getting thrown out for giggling too much.)

3. Finishing your tiffin in the first period itself.

4. Scribbling your crush's name on the back page of every notebook.

5. Joining a school team.

6. Only using it as an excuse to escape classes.

7. Planning class-wide pranks to troll your teachers.

8. Getting dressed up in saris and formals for your farewell.

9. Being called to the principal's office.

10. Having your parents called to the principal's office.

11. Having your entire gang of friends called to the principal's office.

12. Making inside jokes via eye-contact the entire time.

13. Going to school with mehndi from your cousin's wedding and getting scolded for it.

14. Staying after school to rehearse for Annual Day.

15. The first time you came to school at night and realized how cool and creepy it is.

16. Watching a play.

17. Being a part of a school play.

18. Going for a picnic with all your friends.

19. Representing your school in inter-school competitions.

20. Winning for your school in inter-school competitions and coming back a hero.

21. All the drama (AND ROMANCE) of out-of-town school trips.

22. Having a long, beautiful conversation with your parents about their childhood.

23. Realising how much easier you have it.

24. And learning what fabulous rockstars they really are.

25. Getting in yelling matches with them every day, regardless.


26. Spending all day passing notes to your best friend.

27. And then texting them for hours when you get home.

28. Thinking you've fallen in love.

29. And realising, two weeks later, that you have nooo idea what "love" is.

30. Your first kiss (probably in a classroom with your best friend guarding the door).

31. Googling courses that aren't engineering or M.B.B.S.

32. Convincing your parents to let you pursue it.

33. Helping your exam partner cheat.

34. Cheating a little bit yourself.

35. Finishing an entire term's worth of homework one day before your notebook is to be checked.

36. Questioning your sexuality.

37. Questioning your spirituality.

38. Questioning your religious views.

39. Questioning your political views.

40. Questioning every single thing about your identity.

41. Having some idea about what you're going to do with your life.

42. Learning how to filter fake friends from the real.

43. Filling out slam books.

44. Making memories that will last a lifetime.

45. With friends who have become your family.

46. And memories that you'll cherish forever.