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11 Horrible Jokes That Will Make Any Hyderabadi Laugh

Samajhne ke waaste, zarri Hyderabadi ana padhta.

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1. If Vito Corleone was Valiuddin Chishti.

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2. This fact.

Getty Images / SAUL LOEB / AFP / Karima Khan / Via Facebook: thebaigan

3. This top notch way of flirting.

Ridofranz / Getty Images / Via Facebook: 117966424901762

4. And this one, that might result into chappals being thrown at you.

Hyderabadi Jokes / Via Facebook: 117966424901762

5. This truth about Hyderabadi boys.

LOLHyd / Karima Khan / Via

6. This well deserved punishment.

7. The correct way of saying your ABCs.


8. That frustrating moment when this happens.

9. That moment when you felt terribly betrayed.


10. When you will leave no shoes unturned to maintain the peace in your house.

11. And if you ever complained to your mom about feeling sick.

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