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    6 Nov 2014

    22 Reasons Living In Mumbai Ruins You For The World

    Aye dil, hai pretty chill jeena yahan.

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    1. Because you're surrounded by cheap street food which tastes better than gourmet meals do in the rest of the world.

    2. And global brands are always around for when you're feeling like something a bit less adventurous.

    3. You're never too far from the best half-glass-of-happiness that ₹ 10 can buy.

    4. Which somehow taste a billion times better when accompanied by pakodas and monsoon.

    5. Because when you're so surrounded by Bollywood, your own life starts to feel wonderfully filmy.

    6. Because no city does festivals quite like Bombay does festivals.

    7. Because Mumbai locals are the best place to people-watch and, if you're lucky, also the best place to catch some alone time.

    8. Because there's nowhere in the world quite as colourful.

    9. Whenever you're too lazy to walk ten minutes, you're spoilt by the option of just dishing out ₹ 17 instead.

    10. Because no matter how many times you've seen it, you're always in awe of the Gateway in its full majesty.

    11. And it never hurts to casually be surrounded by some of the most stunning architecture in the world.

    12. Nothing is as mesmerizing as a Mumbai sunset caught at the right time, from the right spot.

    13. And nothing is as calming as a windows-down-and-feeling-the-sea-breeze drive along the water.

    14. Admit it: You still swell up with pride every time you cross the Sea Link.

    15. Because no matter how many new joints spring up, your old haunts will always be around to welcome you home.

    16. Because there's something incredibly humbling about knowing you share a home with so, so, so many other lives.

    17. And there's something awe-inspiring about how much heart each of your co-Mumbaikars has.

    18. Because those beach days made your childhood way, way funner than it would've been anywhere else.

    19. And the treats that came with didn't hurt one bit.

    20. Because whatever your most urgent need is – rolling paper or a chicken roll – you can probably find it at 3 a.m.

    21. Because home is where this skyline is.

    22. And, most importantly because of these two beautiful words, these three gorgeous syllables: Vada pav.

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