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24 Joys And Struggles Of Having A Really, Really Long Daily Commute

Best three words: "Work from home!" Worst three words: "Come in early."

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1. Your phone is full of travel apps, games and books – anything that will help you pass the time.


2. You plan your life around train schedules and traffic patterns, which you obviously have memorized.


3. You can't help but give people travel advice, even when nobody's asked for any at all.

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4. You leave home torturously early every day to allow for all sorts of delays and weather.

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5. You always sit out impromptu post-work plans because nobody wants to get home at 5am on a work night.

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6. Also because you can't chalk a public transport route back home too late and taxis are so bloody expensive.

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7. So you've fully embraced the movies, ice-cream, pajamas, and bed life.

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Don't listen to anyone else – you're cool. Really.

8. You don't bother dressing up because your painstakingly arranged hair and makeup will get ruined anyway.

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9. You're soggy and tired when it rains, and sweaty and tired in the summer. You're a walking weather forecast.

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10. Either way, tiredness is a constant.

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11. Your three favourite words in the English language are: "Work from home."

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12. And your three most loathed: "Come in early."

13. All your footwear is stampede-proof and sturdy, even if that means compromising on your trendiness.

Style is really, really low on your list of priorities.

14. You understand relativity perfectly because time slows down during every traffic jam and bus delay.

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15. And days when your phone isn't adequately charged are the worst.

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How does one do NOTHING for two hours? Or, come to think of it, even for five minutes?

16. So you resort to observing people until someone catches you staring.

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17. There are rare days of butt-blessedness when you find a seat and your entire day is made.

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18. But such happiness is often short lived if wailing babies find a seat next to you.

Let the hair-pulling, food-spitting, squealing torture begin.

19. Or a group of overly excited teens who insist on discussing their horrifically mundane lives in what sounds like a 90 decibel falsetto.

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20. But long commutes have resulted in you having read more books and listened to much more music.

Seriously. You're caught up on every new podcast and every topical news story before you even get to your desk.
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Seriously. You're caught up on every new podcast and every topical news story before you even get to your desk.

21. You've become friends with people who travel with you and secretly worry for them when they aren't there.

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And – thanks to Bollywood for making everyone believe that soulmates are found on trains – you may have a teeny commute crush too.

22. You get to sit by the window sometimes and you don't mind feeling like your life is a movie.

23. There is nothing more beautiful than days when your buses and trains are on the quieter, emptier side.

24. And you'll always be glad for the daily me-time.