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11 Absolute Win Moments We All Experienced In School

As expressed by Akshay Kumar's fabulous moves.

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1. When you forgot to do homework and the teacher was absent.


2. When you got a free period before recess.


3. When you didn't study for a test and still got good marks.

4. And then the teacher proceeded to appreciate you in front of the whole class.

5. When the hottest person in the class sat next to you.

6. When you and your best friend successfully pulled off a prank.

Nadiadwala Grandsons' (I)

7. And everyone liked it so much, nobody complained about it to the teacher.

Nadiadwala Grandsons' (I)

8. When your crush was absent, and they called you to ask what they missed out on that day.

9. When you got "L" or "M" for your crush while playing FLAMES.

10. When your mom packed the tiffin with your favourite food.

Shweta International

11. And when your final exam got over, officially kicking off summer vacations.

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