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A Sincere And Heartfelt Testimonial To Orkut

TY 4 taking my embarrassing teenage years to the grave. CheerzZzZ \m/

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$o... What do I tell you about Orkut??? Besides the fact that it was completely and utterly osumm!

O - Outstanding

R - Ravishing

K - Kute

U - Uber

T - Totally Awesome (◣_◢)

Now kids, let me tell you the story of how I met Orkut. It was back in 2005 when a friend sent me an invite to sign up and enter this magical, bizarre universe.

Maybe it was the power to comment and scrap anonymously or maybe it was knowing your "recent visitors" but either way, Orkut won my desi dil immediately. (Bye Hi5, c u l8 MySpace, muahz.)

Meeting at friends' houses was replaced with meeting in Orkut groups and juggling them with MSN Messenger chatrooms. Getting more "testis" and scraps than everyone else in class became our #1 priority, and it bred the fiercest competition. (Admit it: We were nice to certain people just so they'd write testimonials for us.)

LOLzz. =)) So kewl we were na? Haha. LOL.

Didn't even realize when I became addicted, Orkut, but suddenly u became a ~big part of mah l!fe~. You were the first bite of the social media addiction bug that I now carry onto your classier (and probably safer) successors, Facebook and Twitter. I'll never forget you, xoxo <3

Remember the hours it took us to write our humble-brag bios (in which, for some reason, we put a lot of things inside brackets).


You were an aspirational platform, a way to show the world not what we were already, but what we hoped someday to be. (Which, at the time, was "hot and sexy", "cute and bubbly" and someone with an "I dnt giv a dam" attitude). LOL.

Those bios now remain etched in our memories as a friendly reminder of just how pethatick we were at spelling.

In summary;

¥0U RoCKk ○ЯKUT™!!!!

















Thank ¥ou for being a friend, one who knows the embarrassment of a person that I was as a teenager and for accepting me nonetheless.

(Thank you, doubly, for dying and taking my haunting teenage secrets to the grave. My kids won't have access to you so YAYYYY.)

Miss you already.