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15 Reasons Why My Dad Is Fab

Happy Father's Day... I hope you like this post! I love you! 15 reasons for 15 years ?

1. He makes amazing waffles, pancakes, etc.

2. He's a super awesome athlete and is really fast!

3. He's really good with numbers

4. He understands me, most of the time

5. He makes awesome dad jokes

6. He makes me laugh

7. He lets me call him random nicknames that I get off of the ingredients in lipbalms

8. He helps me when I need it, sometimes when I don't even know I do

9. He encourages me to be independent

10. He inspires me to work hard

11. He is always dedicated to my music, academics, and sports

12. He pushes me to be the best I can be

13. He takes care of me

14. He loves me and I love him

15. "Ciao"

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