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    14 A-Hole Cats To Make Your Valentine's Day A Little Sassier

    Cats that are set on ruining your special day

    1. Love letters? BAH!

    2. Trying to get in shape for the big date? Hope your big date involves the ER!

    3. He'll just knock over your flowers, and not even care!

    4. Yep. There goes the box of chocolates...

    5. I hope your romantic dinner can bite back.

    6. Challenging your date for your affections?

    7. So much for chatting over drinks.

    8. Oh, you thought you could have alone time?

    9. Not the center of your attention this evening? BAM!

    10. He's not even sorry he ruined your evening plans.

    11. Well... At least he's housebroken

    Well... Maybe not.

    12. You mean he won't even let your significant other in the door?

    13. Alone and wanting to snuggle the kitty himself? Hah!

    14. You just can't snuggle anyone.

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