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Can You Do The Asian Squat?

Perfect for engaging in business and commerce.

Have you heard of the Asian squat? It's when the squatter keeps their heels firmly planted on the ground instead of rising up on their toes.

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This form allows for a more comfortable squatting position.

The weight is more centered on the heels rather than the balls of your feet and knees, giving more support.

Some people at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures HQ, though, were more partial to the other way of squatting, with their heels up.

This woman saw the other way as a yoga pose...

...and this guy found it painful to be in!

This may be because, according to what Eugene found on the internet, "white men, especially, have really bad mobility getting into the back of their heels" whereas "Asians have really flexible hip flexors," making this type of squat easier for them.