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6 Non Celebrity Funny Snapchatters From India You Need To Follow

People who are just famous on Snapchat

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We all love snapchats and feel so deeply connected with the people whose stories we see on daily basis.

Its like we are part of their life and it becomes important for us to see what they are upto. While half of the Indians use snapchat to upload a video of the song they are listening in the car, there are few which have started considering it as Mini Vlogging sites and are getting quite famous on this particular platform.

Here is the list of some of those people who can brighten your day just by few snaps. (Snapchat usernames are mentioned with the name)

Anuya Jakatdar - anuyeah

Anuya Jakatdar also the founder of BooksonToast have some amazing puns on snapchat which will not only entertain you, but you won't be able to stop taking screenshots of it.

Karan Singh - RandomizingK

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This guy is famous with the name of "Loner with a Phone" and who started the trend of #BeALoner. He does a lot of travelling and following him and his girlfriend not only will make you laugh madly but you will also be able to gain new followers by participating in new contests.

Hari Chayakar - naturebaba

Well, everyone have seen or atleast heard about the guy who recreated Ramayana in a snapchat story and got covered in all the famous blogs. This is that guy.

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