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These 5 Degrees Are Guaranteed To Get You A High-Paying Job After College

When starting college, it can be difficult to determine what degree to obtain. Since your degree will play a large factor in your eventual career path, it's advisable to consider a degree in a field that will help you land a high-paying job upon graduation. Here are five degrees that lead to lucrative careers.

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Lawyers are always in demand, from fighting in criminal cases to establishing property rights. They are also high-earners. In 2015, lawyers earned $136,260 annually on average. If you are looking into a law degree, you need to be committed and prepared for at least 2 additional years of schooling. First, you'll need to obtain an undergraduate degree in pre-law. Then, you'll need to graduate with a law degree from a law school. Finally, you'll need to pass the bar exam to certify yourself as a lawyer.

Software Engineering

Technology is changing the face of society as we know it. Therefore, it is imperative that our workforce has people who know how to deal with the complexities of computers and other related matters. On average software engineers make more than $100,000 a year annually. If you want to have a career in a field that could truly shape the future of our world, look into software engineering.

Statistics / Via

Statistics majors need to deal with all sorts of numbers and data. In the workforce, handling data properly is imperative in order for industries to thrive. As a statistician, you can stand to make $92,900 a year on average. You will also help train your mind to be constantly on alert and pay close attention to seemingly minute details.

Mechanical engineering

Did you drive or ride in a car today without any issue? If so, thank a mechanical engineer. The field of mechanical engineering is all about the development of machinery and other mechanical tools. It can also be highly lucrative, with an average starting salary of $62,500 which can grow to as much as $102,000 once established.

Medical / Via

The demand for doctors will always exist. Therefore, medical professionals have some of the highest salaries. While there is a discrepancy in salaries based on career (a cardiologist will earn more than a family doctor), a medical degree is a near-guaranteed path to a six-figure income. If you're choosing a major, the most important thing to think about is what interests you. From there, you can examine the financial data for careers in that field and others. You might stumble upon a career you had not considered, with a salary that pleases you greatly.

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