The 15 Best Dressed Frenchies Of Instagram

These Frenchies know fashion, and know how to work it for the camera

1. Totally covered for this rain thing

2. Does this tutu make my bum look big?

3. No, but these slippers do

4. I don’t know either

5. Obi Wan_tcha looking at?

6. Hat hair is the worst

7. I know, horizontal stripes are fattening right?

8. At least it’s not pink

9. Wait, what’s wrong with pink?

10. BRB, going for a jog

11. Ok, it looked better in the shop

12. It’s true; headbands give you a headache

13. Or turn you into a pirate

14. Totally got lei’d

15. But nothing says Stud like a shirt, tie & shades

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