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Avril Lavigne And Nick Carter Released A Single And It's A Pop Dream

Two of your nostalgic faves are makin' some tunes.

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Hi. If you were a '90s kid or have listened to pop music at least once in your life, you know the Backstreet Boys, and you know Nick Carter.


And if you were a rebellious skater kid in the '00s, you definitely know about the badassness that is Avril Lavigne.

Arista Records

Well, get ready, because these two unlikely pals have collaborated on a new song for Nick's newest record, All American.

He announced the breakup anthem, which is the second single off of the new album, this past Friday:

Next single off of #AllAmerican? Call your local radio station and ask em if they'll play @AvrilLavigne and I's New song #GetOverMe

And here's a lil' snippet:

Preview of #GetOverMe featuring @AvrilLavigne! Pre-order #AllAmerican by @nickcarter now:

And Avril shared link to the full song on her Twitter as well.

Check out mine and @nickcarter's new song #GetOverMe here: #AllAmerican

They make a pretty damn good pair, tbh. Rock on, you two.


Nick Carter's new album, All American, is now available on Kaotic, Inc. Records.

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