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10 Of The Best Luke Bryan Dances That Blow Our Mind

Because really, we all need this in our lives

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We don't know what was in the water down in Lee County, Georgia that gave country superstar those risque, suave moves, but the man has them.

And it's HOT.

This holiday season let's enjoy 12 of the best Luke Bryan dancing gifs and the name we have given each one of them.

1. The Beyonce


Because really, only Mrs. Carter could get away with doing this move other than Luke.

2. Two's a party, three's a crowd


With help from Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line, Luke gets his swrive on.

3. The 'get your singles out'


Luke knows what he's doing here, just like a stripper at the club.

That's all you can say about it.

4. The 'Pony'


This could literally be a scene from "Magic Mike."

5. Baby Got Back


Luke has a big butt and we cannot lie... these other singers can't deny...

6. The 'hands in the air.'


Luke doesn't even need to put his hands on his hips. He can hold them in the air.

And wave them like he just don't care.

7. The boy band


With boy band moves like that, it's almost like New Kids on the Block on stage giving it to the audience "10 times."

8. The tummy roll


You just can't even really name this one. It's just that good.

9. The slow and steady

This could be an instructional video (or gif) on how to dance like Luke Bryan.

10. The 'I just got pregnant'


Yeah. That's all.



Only Thomas Luther Bryan can do those moves.... and he's perfect at them.

And he knows it.

Country boy shake it for me.

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