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    10 Asian American Female Artists You Should Know

    Visual artists of AAWAA are bringing awareness to Asian-American culture and feminism. Engage with the work, and see how each artist's activism, perspective, and creativity is transformed into expressions of fine art.

    1. Ellen Bepp

    2. Judy Shintani

    3. Miss TANGQ


    MissTANGQ's work as an educator serving diverse communities has led her to study Chinese metaphysics and philosophy as instruments for healing and self-development. She utilizes these ancient technologies to explore the intersections of nature, the human spirit and mysticism in her work. These themes also reflect the queer and immigrant experience, which for her, seeks to transform what has been inherited by society and culture into a creative undertaking of self-creation.

    As a Chinese-American multi-media artist, and first-generation "mystic-nerd", she is deeply inspired by the hyphenated experience and explores this through animation, installation, and performance art to create cross-sensory and interdisciplinary work. She believes that activating multi-sensory perception creates new possibilities within our imagination, allowing for a remix of our current and future understanding of ourselves and our potential.

    4. Cindy Shih

    5. Yoshie Sakai

    6. Fumiyo Yoshikawa

    7. Lenore Chinn

    8. Reiko Fujii

    9. Cynthia Tom

    10. Betty Kano

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    Betty Kano, a Japanese immigrant, founded Asian American Artists Association to express Advocacy, Visibility, and Mentorship. This organization has consistently promoted both regional and national efforts to achieve its mission, defining and redefining the contributions of Asian American women artists since its inception in 1988. As a Japanese female artist, she has pushed many boundaries in her efforts to educate, create, and curate visual art on the basis of activism.

    "Painting is a way in this world to communicate with neglected spirits, spirits that crisscross through consciousness and reveal themselves as destiny. Cuba’s Havana Bienal exposed me to an art of a spiritual (and political) manifestation and I was inspired to seek Ifa, the liturgy of Yoruba of Nigeria, for this way to honor the spirits and the deities of the Yoruba pantheon, an indigenous tradition that is also global."