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    20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

    Put a smile on your favorite bibliophile.

    1. Enlightened Bookrest

    2. Personal Touch

    3. Not Your Ordinary Bookmark

    4. Library Branch (Possible DIY Project)

    5. Notable Quotables

    6. The Giving Squeeeee!

    7. Hemingway Would Approve

    8. Deep Thinker

    9. Minimalist Magic

    10. Time to Read

    11. Jane Austen Worthy

    12. Travel Companion

    13. Ex Libris

    14. Cooked Books

    15. Dr. Suess Gets It

    16. Wearable Words, Chapter 1

    17. Wearable Words, Chapter 2

    18. Wearable Words, Chapter 3.

    19. Stocking Stuffer MatchBOOKs

    20. So many books, so little time, so much dust!