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    20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

    Put a smile on your favorite bibliophile.

    1. Enlightened Bookrest / Via Library Foundation of Los Angeles

    Turn this house on with your current read (or all time favorite).

    The table lamp / bookrest combo is available for $85 (or $72.50

    if you're a member of The Library Foundation of Los Angeles).

    2. Personal Touch


    Artist Cheryl Sorg will create a custom thumbprint collage using your bookworms actual thumbprint and his/her favorite books. A bargain at $400, order it here.

    3. Not Your Ordinary Bookmark


    This functional sculpture is called the Book Hook and

    is available for 30 Euros (about $41) at Connox.

    4. Library Branch (Possible DIY Project) / Via

    This minimalist bookshelf is a true work of art and must be pretty expensive because creator Olivier Dollé doesn't mention price anywhere on his site.

    5. Notable Quotables

    Via Kickstarter

    Featuring 465 inspirational quotes, this poster leaves you with much to think about. $30 (includes shipping) on Kickstarter until Dec. 5th.

    6. The Giving Squeeeee!

    Via Etsy

    Only $10 at RealDecals.

    7. Hemingway Would Approve

    Use the Lolita coaster to serve a Shirley Temple.

    Get a set of 8 different water-resistant coasters for $20 at Out of Print.

    8. Deep Thinker / Via Rob Southcott

    Perfect for those who always seem to have their head in a book.

    The Bookworm Bookend is available at for $30.

    9. Minimalist Magic


    Simple and to the point. Get these magnetic bookends here for $34.

    10. Time to Read

    Via This Is Why I'm

    Three fake books equals one cool clock.

    Get it for $23.95 at This Is Why I'm Broke.

    11. Jane Austen Worthy

    Via Etsy

    Gift Speak translation: My story begins and ends with you.

    $25 at JezebelCharms.

    12. Travel Companion

    13. Ex Libris

    Translation: Hands off my book!

    Etsy artist Plurabelle will make a custom Ex Libris Stamp

    so your favorite bookworm can mark his/her territory. ($110)

    14. Cooked Books

    This sweet baking pan produces cakes in the shape of an open book.

    On Amazon for $12.50

    15. Dr. Suess Gets It

    Because you can't hug a book. For kids of all ages, $20 at The Sewing Croft.

    16. Wearable Words, Chapter 1


    This Storiarts Infinity Scarf has been silk-screened with Anne of Green Gables. Others titles available for $40 include The Raven and Alice in Wonderland.

    17. Wearable Words, Chapter 2


    Call me impressed! This Litograph shirt contains the entire text of Moby Dick.

    Find it and many other titles here for $34.

    18. Wearable Words, Chapter 3.

    Via Black Milk

    These killer leggings are at Black Milk Clothing for $75.

    19. Stocking Stuffer MatchBOOKs

    Via Out of

    "There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them" - Joseph Brodsky. In honor of banned books everywhere, this set of repurposed matchboxes is $8 at Out of Print.

    20. So many books, so little time, so much dust!


    This custom book cleaning tool stores itself invisibly between your books. Available at Apartment Therapy, but for what they're asking ($80) you're better off blinging out a paintbrush to earn some "made with love" points.

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