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8 Steps To A Relaxing Valentine's Day Party

Follow these 8 easy steps to plan a fun and relaxing Valentine's party your friends will enjoy.

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8. Plan your menu.


I suggest you have simple foods and focus on an impressive dessert to finish the meal. Your menu could be as easy as heart shaped pizza, bread sticks, salad, and desserts. If you want something a little fancier you can try the Pioneer Woman's Simple Valentine's Menu or SheKnows suggested Menu. When it's time to pick a dessert or two, Betty Crocker offers many ideas.

7. Plan activities

Whether your friends enjoy watching movies, trivia, playing cards, or other games plan some activities and have any supplies for the games ready to go. Fishbowl is my favorite large group game. You can learn how to play Fishbowl or find other group games here.

6. Decorate

Decorating your table with a few flowers, some conversation hearts, and chocolate will help set the mood. If you want to do something more elaborate check out this post showing how to use dollar store items for impressive decorating for more inspiration.

4. Remember the put your chips in a pretty bowl rule.

Even casual food like chips looks more party worthy when in a bowl. Food that is presented more attractively is more appealing and even seems to taste better. This article has tips on easy ways to improve your presentation.

3. Have your signifigant other or a friend act as co-host.


Having someone else help answer the door, welcome guests, take coats, and serve drinks lets you focus on last minute details with the food.

1. RELAX! The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy your time with your friends.


If you are stressed, your friends will feel like they are making too much work for you. They want to see you having fun too! So even if things are not going perfectly, relax and focus on enjoying time together.

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