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Uncover The Stories Behind These Ancient Artefacts At The British Museum – Origin Tales!

A memorable experience to cherish for years to come, witnessing the wow-factors at the British Museum on your journey to London is not to be missed. The history buff and curious traveller in you should look to visit these exhibits at the museum.

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Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs – Room 10a

Carole Raddato / Via

A popular sculpture from around 650 BC, the Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs showcase the wondrous competence of sculptors of that time. A fine depiction of the Assyrian king’s power over the majestic feline, the sculpture also depicts the famous blood sport of the ancient kings. If you are located in a nearby accommodation option such as Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel making repeated visits to see this exhibit is definitely worthwhile.

Prosthetic Toe – Room 63

metro / Via

Another astonishing exhibit, the Prosthetic Toe from 600BC signifies the advanced technologies from ancient Egypt. A famous find amongst the many other ancient Egyptian artefacts in the museum, the prosthetic toe that was found on a mummy was supposedly fashioned to provide a sense of completion.

Copper Coffee House Token - Room 68

timeout / Via

One of the many coins in the famous Coin Gallery of the British Museum, this exhibit is believed to be an ancient token given out by coffee houses to its clientele!

Helmet and Crushed Skull from Ur - Room 56

timeout / Via

An amazing find from the 2500BC, the Helmet and Crushed Skull is believed to be that of a palace guard from the ancient city of Ur, known in the present day as Iraq.

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