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Nizwa – Echoes From The City’s Top Souq

Nizwa, Oman, (two hours away from Muscat along a good highway), lies on a plain surrounded by a thick palm oasis and some of Oman’s highest mountains.

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The historic town

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Whenever you think of vacation, consider Nizwa in Oman; the picturesque city is full of historic treasures for culture enthusiasts, who can explore many heritage sites. Inside the grounds of Nizwa Fort, there’s Nizwa Souq with fresh food markets. A wander through one of the city's bustling souqs is an essential experience for both visitors and locals.

The Souq Exploration

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Walking around a Souq, soaking in the atmosphere is a must do. Traditional Arabian markets are still a crucial part of daily life and trade. Consisting everything from fresh fish to dates, hand-woven fabrics to silverware, you’ll find it all in Nizwa Souq. If you want to see what the old section of the Nizwa Souq looked like before, visit the East Souq; the stalls are intriguing with a mix of household products, spice, nuts, etc.

Livestock Fridays

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Nizwa Souq hosts a livestock souk every Friday; plan some time to really explore the very modern vegetable markets, the sweet shop and the non-restored section to the east. Through its many alleys and divisions, Nizwa Souq has remained for hundreds of year’s home to a number of local industries.

Staying Within Easy Reach

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Find a place to stay within easy reach such as Alila Jabal Akhdar which will help you to explore the region’s magnificent landscape of rugged, untouched beauty as well.

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