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BuzzFeed - Mouth Watering Authentic Hong Kong Dishes Drool Level 200%!

If you thought Hong Kong was only good for theme parks, nightlife, and shopping, boy did you think wrong! One bite out of its most authentic dishes and you will see that Hong Kong food is more explosive than its New Year fireworks!

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Honks in Hong Kong!

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A traditional speciality of Cantonese cuisine, Roast Goose is a popular delicacy in Hong Kong and is eaten with luscious Plum Sauce. Though a most delicious dish, it does present a rather disturbing sight for animal lovers :P

Want some Wontons?


Scrumptious little dumplings filled with juicy meats and thrown into a zesty, clear soup. The best of these is called Sichuan-style wontons. You can get these at local markets or check at the Wan Chai hotel you’re staying at, as some places like the Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong, serve Sichuan and Shanghainese cuisine at their restaurant.

Fish Balls

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Ok, no these are not the type of balls you have in mind ;) Fish Balls in Hong Kong are either made of fried or raw fish encased in an orange-colored batter and cooked with noodles in hot soup. According to a statistic in 2002, the daily average consumption of fish balls in Hong Kong is 55 metric tons, that’s about 3.75 million balls!

Fake Shark Fin Soup


Nothing can be faker than the Kardashians? Try the Fake Shark Fin Soup! Animal lovers will adore this as the Shark is replaced by Vermicelli and joined alongside other ingredients such as mushrooms, black fungus and seasonings such as pepper, Zhejiang vinegar and sesame oil. Some variations have pork as well.

The King of them all!


They say the best is saved for the last, and the Sweet and Sour Pork is the best and most famous of authentic dishes found in Hong Kong as it presents juicy, tender pork ribs or tenderloin swamped in delicious orange sauce!

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