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6 Things That Will Make You Want To Move To Sri Lanka

From secluded beaches to happening nightlife and luxury living to foodie adventures, Sri Lanka is a tropical island that has something for everyone. Here are just six of the many things that will tempt you to move here.

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Sun Drenched Shores


Beaches are a plenty on this enchanting isle, with the South, West and East coasts each offering different beach experiences, with lots of water sports too. Soaking up the sun, lazing on the sand and having fun in the surf is a way of life.

Age Old Culture

Walkers Tours / Via

Be it ruins and monuments from ancient kingdoms, temples that echo voices from the past or awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka has plenty to offer those looking to unleash their inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft!

Untamed Wild

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Mist shrouded mountains, secret rainforests and exotic wildlife all help make the island a dream destination for those who love the outdoors. Sri Lanka’s national parks also give you the chance to enjoy thrilling safaris featuring everything from iconic elephants to majestic leopards.

Luxury Living

Shangri-La One Galle Face / Via

The country is a perfect place to call your home away from home and luxury apartments in Colombo offer everything you need. Up and coming mixed-use development projects such as Shangri-La One Galle Face are amongst the options available if you are looking to reside in the country.

Exotic Cuisine


Very much part of local culture, the food in Sri Lanka is as diverse as the communities who live here. Foodies have much to sample from spice-filled curries to sweet treats, all bursting with unique flavours and aromas.

Thrilling Nightlife


If you love to party hard, then Sri Lanka is a place where you can do just that! Colombo is a real hotspot with many nightclubs to choose from, while the coastal areas have their own brand of nightlife with chilled out vibes by the shore.

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