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    35 Hilarious Tweets About The "Ghostbusters" Reboot

    I ain't afraid of no boycott.


    💃🏻 Nobody cares why you won't see Ghostbusters 💃🏻

    Twitter: @MaraWritesStuff


    If a female Ghostbusters is the worst thing that has ever happened to you then please god let me have your life

    Twitter: @vornietom


    What else would ruin things for people mad about the new Ghostbusters? I want to ruin those sensitive little memories for them too.

    Twitter: @Home_Halfway


    Terrifying moment in the new Ghostbusters trailer when Slimer looks directly at the camera and says "All men are now outlawed forever"

    Twitter: @longwall26


    Girl: Politicians are telling me what I can do with my body. Guy: BUT AN ALL GIRL GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!

    Via Twitter: @slackmistress


    Twitter: @GabrielDreyfuss


    Even if you vote against Ghostbusters in the primary, if it wins, we will all need to get behind it in the general.

    Twitter: @JoshMalina


    The trailer for Ghostbusters begins "In a world where all men have been murdered, after first having been castrated..."

    Twitter: @MKupperman


    If men are responsible for the vast majority of crime & homicides in the world, women can have an all female cast of "Ghostbusters."

    Twitter: @fortunefunny


    an all-female Ghostbusters cast is awesome. it means girls no longer have to dress up as the secretary (like I did)

    Twitter: @minakimes


    Here's 2 reasons I won't see the new Ghostbusters: 1. I hate women. 2. I love ghosts.

    Twitter: @robdelaney


    Twitter: @ditzkoff


    Hey people who think "Ghostbusters" ruined their childhood I'll trade you the time I walked in on my parents fighting naked in a bath tub.

    Twitter: @d_haggar


    If we're gonna attack this new Ghostbusters for ruining our childhoods, we should also address my parents' divorce

    Twitter: @JensenClan88


    Do you know why #Ghostbusters isn't rated yet? They can't decide how many dozen castration shots to keep in the film. This is a fact.

    Twitter: @dubouchet


    Venn diagram of men complaining about new Ghostbusters movie with men who have given themselves an accidental self-inflicted nunchuck injury

    Twitter: @maggieserota


    The next James Bond should be four female Ghostbusters.

    Twitter: @heathercampbell


    wow, wait until the meninists who are mad about female ghostbusters find out what MOMS are

    Twitter: @jonnysun


    An all female Ghostbusters? What's next, more good movies?

    Twitter: @solomongeorgio


    People that are extremely upset about the new Ghostbusters seem real cool & stable.

    Twitter: @GiuliaRozzi


    I can't believe I'm going to have to buy a 1st-weekend ticket for Ghostbusters as a political statement. Thanks for that, idiotbros.

    Twitter: @MarkHarrisNYC


    Here's something real: if I ever met a dude who was actually upset with a female ghostbusters reboot I'd hit him in the face with a hammer

    Twitter: @Yassir_Lester


    I'm going to be worshipped as a god by the anti-female Ghostbusters dudes once my all-male Fried Green Tomatoes hits the multiplex

    Twitter: @MikeOdenthal


    Your parents ruined your childhood. Not the female Ghostbusters movie.

    Twitter: @breagrant


    New Ghostbusters trailer is most disliked trailer in history of youtube. In other news, misogynists have found dislike button on youtube.

    Twitter: @kumailn


    Hating GHOSTBUSTERS has nothing to do with sexism, according to the GamerGaters choking my mentions right now.

    Twitter: @devincf


    The reason we can't have female Ghostbusters? We don't know what they do for fun. It's hard to trust someone when all they do is bust ghosts

    Twitter: @meganamram


    I hope the new Ghostbusters makes a billion dollars just so the sad dorks who hate it sight unseen explode with rage.

    Twitter: @Atencio


    a Ghostbusters reboot with an all female cast gets the green light but my script for "Larry Poppins" gets me thrown out of Hollywood? hmm..

    Twitter: @deathoftheparty


    Every time "sexism" and #Ghostbusters appear in the same tweet, 10,000 less men will go see it. Please RT

    Twitter: @MartinDaubney


    If you think the new Ghostbusters movie is going to ruin your childhood, please know, from the bottom of my heart: I genuinely hope it does.

    Twitter: @SamGrittner


    my 2 mo. old son just said "the only ghostbusters are women. men are relics. shadows of a past i no longer recognize." i weep for the future

    Twitter: @electrolemon


    now that there's an all girl Ghostbusters maybe men should remake girl movies?? I'm down for an all male Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    Twitter: @farwzaz


    Ladies, did you know that if you go to see Ghostbusters opening weekend you get a free man's childhood in a box to stomp on?

    Twitter: @jillybobww


    To every dude who feels it’s SUPER important to let me know their opinion on the new @Ghostbusters, here’s my reply.

    Twitter: @JillPantozzi

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