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    Affordable And Clever Gifts For Your Writer And Bibliophile Friends

    Other than actual books, these items will delight your resident writers and book worms without breaking your bank. Everything here is under $30.00.

    1. Versatile Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are a reader's best friend. These few go above and beyond!

    Bookmark Pad / Via

    Mark pages and jot notes with this pad. It's just $5.00 from KnockKnock.

    Albatros Bookmark / Via

    This bookmark follows along as you read. A set of 6 can be purchased for around $10.00 from Albatros Bookmark.

    Moleskine Booklight / Via

    Bookmark and rechargeable light in one! Night owl bibliophiles will thank you. $27.28 from The Literary Gift Company.

    2. Durable Journals

    For writing, musing, and note-taking on the go.

    Limited Edition Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks / Via

    Portable and pretty, these Hobbit journals will please Tolkien fans. These are $13.27 each at ThinkGeek.

    Field Notes: "Expedition" Edition / Via

    This takes durable to a new level. For starters, the pages are tear-proof and waterproof. Perfect present for adventurer-writers (or just messy/clumsy writers - c'mon, who hasn't spilled tea all over the table?).

    Grab a 3-pack for just $9.95 from Field Notes.

    3. For the Wanderer

    Speaking of adventurer-writers and readers, these bits and bobs are perfect for literary globetrotters.

    Penguin Travel Accessories / Via

    Iconic Penguin Book covers make for adorable travel accessory designs and postcards. All items available at the Penguin Collection Shop.

    Thermos: $25.95

    Postcards from Penguin book: $25.00

    Luggage Tags: $9.95 (each)

    4. Sensory Delights

    Let your friends take the scent of cozy libraries and imaginary worlds with them.

    Book-inspired Soy Candles / Via

    From Narnian winters to Hagrid's pumpkin patch, these candles will transport readers back into their favorite stories. Get 1 for $10.00 or a set of 3 for $28.00 at the From the Page etsy store.

    Library Collection Candles / Via

    The candles of the Library Collection are inspired by and named after classic authors. Pictured are the Jane Austen (right) and the Oscar Wilde (left).

    Candles are $25.00 each, but you can also get them in travel-sized tins for $8.00 each at Paddywax.

    Paperback Fragrance / Via

    For bibliophiles who want to smell like the books they love, get cologne sprays to body lotion in Demeter's "Paperback" scent. The pictured 1 oz spray is $20.00 from the Demeter Fragrance Library.

    5. Writerly Tools

    Fun knick knacks for writers that readers will likely enjoy too.

    Pens with Intention / Via

    Whatever mood your resident writer is in, there's a pen for it! Available from KnockKnock.

    Get Crap Done and WTF pens are $14.00. Procrastination pen is on sale for $8.50.

    Aqua Notes / Via

    Essential waterproof notepad for those in-shower moments of inspiration! Get it on Amazon for $7.95.

    Writer's Remedy / Via

    For combating writer's block in novelists and poets. For combating boredom as well. This Writer's Remedy is $14.95 from Magnetic Poetry.

    Vinyl Writers / Via

    These little writers are cute and collectible and might inspire the muse too. Adopt an author for $14.95 at Barnes & Noble.

    6. For the Mixers

    Art and booze for lit-lovers.

    The Fine Art of Mixing

    Give your favorite book drunkard this declarative print paired with a recipe book of literary cocktails.

    $13.77 Tequila Mockingbird book from Barnes & Noble.

    $17.50 Book Drunkard print from WanderingReader's etsy shop.

    7. Reader/Writer Fuel

    Caffeinated beverages and the perfect mugs to hold them.

    Clever Cups

    $16.00 Reading is my Superpower mug from LennyMud's etsy shop.

    $15.00 Moby (was such a) Dick mug by Budi Satria Kwan on Society6.

    Adagio Teas / Via

    What's better than tea for your writer/reader friends? Literature themed teas! Adagio specializes in fandom brews.

    Hunger Games teas: 3oz pouch $10.00 / 6oz tin $24.00

    Story Time tea sets: $24.00

    8. Wearables

    Writers and book worms will thank you.

    My Workout is Reading Tank / Via

    This tank expresses every bookworm's sentiments about exercise. Available from Activate Apparel for $22.00.

    Writer's Wrist Warmers / Via

    Keep those exposed wrists warm while typing or holding up a book on those cold winter nights. Order a pair of these from lostanfound's etsy shop for $25.00.

    Shakespearean Insult Bandages / Via

    Sometimes, the things we love hurt us. Give these to your bookish friends for when their beloved pages turn on them. Paper cuts are serious business. Amazon has these bandages for $2.50.

    9. 3000 Classic Books / Via

    Be the Best Friend Ever by getting your lit-loving friends 3000 books! They're all packed into this little USB, ready to be plugged in and read. It's just $29.95 from Innovations!

    10. Go Away, I'm Reading! Dust Jackets


    These colorful dust jackets made their online debut a year ago. Designed by Erin Bowman, Tracey Neithercott, and Sarah Enni, these tell people (politely) to not interrupt people absorbed in books.

    The best part of this is that the templates are FREE. The index for all 14 jackets (some themed to specific books) is at Erin Bowman's site.

    Just remember though, the very best thing to give reader-writers is some peace and quiet time.