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18 Literary Pumpkins For A Bookish Halloween

Celebrate Halloween and literature at the same time!

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4. The Headless Horseman

flickr.com / Via Flickr: tiggergirl

Sleepy Hollow's infamous spectral horseman rode out of the pages of a short story long ago and has since inspired a nightmare or two, not to mention a bunch of other popular media.

7. A Princess of Mars

th08.deviantart.net / Via crasio.deviantart.com

Star Wars jack o'lanterns are mighty popular, but this sci-fi pumpkin is actually a tribute to Frank Frazetta's artwork for the science fantasy novel A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burrough. (Carved by Crasio)

8. Barad-dûr and the Eye of Sauron

fantasypumpkins.com / Via fantasypumpkins.com

Classic high fantasy readers shouldn't have a hard time finding impressive Lord of the Rings-themed jack o'lanterns, especially given the success of the movies. But here's one gorgeously detailed example. (Carved by Noel at Fantasy Pumpkins)

9. Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

fantasypumpkins.com / Via fantasypumpkins.com

Or if grittier epic fantasy is more your thing, there are also quite a few A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones pumpkins to be found too. Here's another stunning carving from Noel at Fantasy Pumpkins.

11. Harry Potter

flickr.com / Via Flickr: portfoliowork

I'd be remiss to not mention the Harry Potter books when it comes to successful kidlit franchises that spawn creative fan-work like this double pumpkin carving. (Designed and Carved by Dorothy Phillips)

15. Brisingr

fantasypumpkins.com / Via fantasypumpkins.com

Really, the beautiful covers of many kidlit and YA lit books these days could make eye-catching and fun jack o'lanterns. For example there's this depiction of Brisingr from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. (Carved by Noel at Fantasy Pumpkins)

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