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    I Microbladed My Eyebrows And The Results Were Impressive AF

    If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyebrows should offer the best window dressing.

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    Eyebrows are kind of a big deal, and microblading them is one of the newest trends when it comes to enhancing them so they look naturally darker and fuller.


    While the exact origin of microblading is unknown, most agree this practice (also known as eyebrow embroidery) started in Asia.

    Watch this guy get microbladed for the first time!

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    This is Kane, and he was so impressed by Freddie's results from her eyebrow microblading video that he decided to try it himself!


    Okay, so there are a couple of other reasons, too. His Instagram pics weren't looking on point when it came to his brows, and he wanted to see if he could get away with microblading with his mom, who previously begged him not to mess with them brows.

    Kane was not kidding around when it came to achieving the perfect eyebrow game. He went to Jonathan Paul, from Perfect Frame Microblading, who's obviously a brow whisperer.


    Jonathan said he's always been obsessed with eyebrows, and he admits that he's always giving people mini eyebrow makeovers in his head. Yep, he did that to Kane, too.

    After a brief consultation and deciding on his game plan, Jonathan got to work. First things first: He numbed the brows for about 25 minutes with a topical anesthetic.


    No, Kane. This didn't require a ton of needles poking at your forehead like you initially thought. LOL!

    And in order to get Kane's brows absolutely perfect, our eyebrows maestro used a ruler and a stencil.


    Jonathan said he's noticed that people with dry skin tend to see better and longer lasting results than those with oilier skin.

    Then it was finally time for Kane to go under the micro-blade for his semi-permanent tattoo that can last anywhere from one and a half to two years, depending on skin type and lifestyle.


    So why microblade as opposed to tattooing them on old-school-style? Many think microblading gives a more natural look, creating the illusion of fine eyebrow hairs.

    Once Jonathan had worked his magic, Kane's heart was beating a million times a minute. It was time for the big reveal.


    "Whoa! I look like a cartoon character but, like, not in a bad way."

    The healing process after microblading your eyebrows is a little wacky. First, they get super dark, and then lighten up before settling into their semi-permanent color.


    It's kind of like enhancing the brow shape you already have.

    More men looking to rock thicker brows are now turning to microblading because it offers a more natural alternative to makeup.


    Microblading gives guys' eyebrows a nice finish without looking too obviously manicured.

    All right, so the hard part was over, but Kane still had to literally face everyone to get their reactions to his new fuller brows, and they were...varied.


    In full honesty, he felt super self-conscious about it and was totally avoiding making eye contact.

    But what about the opinion that really matters? It was time for Kane to show his mom what he had done to his face.


    And this was her initial (adorable) reaction.

    And how about grandma noticing the microblading action going on without Kane saying a damn word?!?


    She dug them.

    We're happy to report that three weeks after going under the micro-blade, Kane went back to see his mom, his brows' harshest critic...and she came around!


    Mom was even down with getting microbladed eyebrows herself...later.