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Asian-Americans Re-Created Famous Vanity Fair Magazine Covers And It Was Beautiful

You're not alone.

We've all seen the Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair, gracing magazine stands since 1995:

However, we haven't seen a lot of Asian-American representation on these covers. So some BuzzFeed staff decided to come together and create one of the iconic covers themselves.

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A lot of them spoke about the fact that this opportunity gave them a chance to show representation and be the role models that they didn't have growing up:

The experience was amazing, and the result was...GORGEOUS:

And while these people have never been on an actual Vanity Fair cover, that certainly doesn't mean they aren't worthy of it. Check out their individual accomplishments and pictures below:

1. Ashly Perez, 27, Development Partner

2. Justin Tan, 28, Video Producer

3. Safiya Nygaard, 24, Video Producer

4. Ryan Bergara, 26, Video Producer

5. Michelle Khare, 24, Video Producer

6. Jared Sosa, 33, Creative Director

7. Jennifer Ruggirello, 23, Video Producer

8. Kane Diep, 27, Video Producer

9. Niki Ang, 23, Video Producer

10. Robin Broadfoot, 28, Video Producer

11. Maggie Jung, 24, Junior Video Producer

12. Annie Jeong, 24, Junior Video Producer

13. Kevin J. Nguyen, 23, Junior Video Producer

14. Rachel Kang, 24, Junior Video Producer

15. Steven Lim, 26, Video Producer

16. Tiffany Lo, 29, Senior Manager

17. Ray Pajar, 28, Junior Video Producer

18. Carol Tan, 25, Creative Producer

19. Christopher Lam, 24, Video Producer

20. Hitomi Aihara, 31, Junior Producer

21. Tiger Souvannakoumane, 26, Junior Video Producer

22. Rie Tange McClenny, Junior Producer


Photographer: Melly Lee (



Tuxedos: The Black Tux (

Dresses: Rent the Runway (

Heels: StyleLend (


Makeup: Yukina Mitsuhashi (

Hair: Yuichi Ishida (