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    7 Reasons Why Fictional Men Are More Desirable Than Men In The Real World

    Let's be real here, fake guys are so much better.

    We all have celebrity crushes from Zac Efron to Michael B Jordan to all of Hollywood's Chris'. But, what makes these guys so irresistible?

    We fell in love with the characters they play, whether it's a sexy superhero, seductive basketball singer, or devilishly handsome villain. They made us fall in love with the most perfect, fictionalized versions of men that we wish we could see more of in the real world.

    You might not be picking up what I'm putting down, so let me countdown the seven reasons why you should be thirsting over a fictional man over any man in our reality:

    Also, full disclosure: this post isn't to say all real men act terribly and completely suck. It's only pointing out the stereotypical character types that drive women wild and wish more men can strive to be like. Do not take this personally, even though I'm sure some of you will. Happy reading!

    7. Fictional men have no problem showing their feminine side.

    Real men like to be the manliest man out of all of the manly men.

    6. Fictional men love to sing to show how much they love someone.

    Real men are too embarrassed to express their love in lyrical form.

    5. Fictional men will cook you amazing food without you having to request it.

    When real men cook, it's usually a disaster.

    4. Fictional men give you genuine apologies when they're wrong.

    Reality men will say sorry just so you stop being mad at them in hopes of still getting lucky that night.

    3. Fictional men are honest and open with us always.

    Real men seem to think they know what's best"for us and only tell us what they think we want to hear.

    2. Fictional men aren't afraid to be vulnerable, even in public.

    Reality Men think that men should never cry.

    1. And finally, fictional men do little things to remind you they're thinking of you.

    Real men will look you in your face, ask, "Isn't Valentine's Day enough?" and be completely, deadass serious.

    Men, I hope you took notes. Ladies, I hope this didn't completely ruin all hope for your future (or current) relationship. However, my love life has been completely ruined due to my high expectations, so excuse me while I go watch videos of Zac Eforn singing for the next few hours. Good day!