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PLANTING A RESTAURANT LIKE A SEED RE: Huffington Posts who I admire? My mom, dad, Pop Pop, and “HOPE”

Business Diary of a "Rad Black Woman" :Tips, Entrepreneur's how to, my mentor's interesting Italian legacy.

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I Imagine "Pop Pop" as "Prince" Food Artist Formerly Known in Napoli

I had never met “Pop Pop” the Italian who braved the new world to create his own American Dream. I am no less inspired by him and maybe even more. I learned of “Pop Pop” through my business mentor. I view her as an inspirational woman who shares Pop Pop's seeds of hope. So I will call her “Hope” in this diary. She shared that Pop Pop would be proud to have known how far his legacy reaches. Maybe we can get a picture of Pop Pop and share later. The little I know of him paints him as a strong noble character. He was short, feisty, inspiring, and a successful entrepreneur. He and Hope are my inspirational guiding light. I do believe in karma and the power of good over evil. Pop Pop and Hope are my blessing.

When I called Hope answered. She offered suggestions to my questions and priceless insight. So my eduction begins with an awesome “Sensai”. This experience being the Haiku of my heart. Hope's words are wings. Her lips, like the beak of a mother bird. She breaks up the big pieces of the business and feed me bits I need to grow. Her home baked mentoring creates the best taste of reality. Yet she presents the roadblocks, challenges and networking like a master of haiku. What I learn from her can help me help others. That fills my belly like bread. She does this on her day off and for no reason other than she is a giving motivational person herself who did not have anyone to ask. She says she is still learning. I am so happy she is also on who gives back.

Hope's first lesson to me is to not wait to "pay it forward" though she never told me so. She shows me by example. I will share this diary in effort to “re purpose” our cafe's start-up journey.We hope to be one more reason Pop Pop smiles from heaven. I want to thank that special family and their member who is my mentor my "Hope".

Thanks for reading, sharing, striving, and dreaming along with us. --Kandle Jones

For some reason the original file and picture will not post so forgive this plain entry. It will be updated with my original colorful style and photo's later.

Introduction to Kandle Jones' informal cafe diary.

Title of First Entry: “Pop Pop's” Offspring A Blessing to Me.

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