Lisa’s Love Jones By Kandle Jones (c)2012

This poem is about the famous painting Mona Lisa. Kandle Jones has used imagery and fabulous imaginative language to describe what could be the secrete behind the Mona Lisa’s smile.


Lisa’s Love Jones

She is another man’s property
Forbidden perhaps to pose for such an artist
A mirage of a slow smile on her face
Some see smirk somber sliver sly seduction
Sandy shadows personify her presence
Did you see in her encore eyes
Dreams deferred decorated delivered
In a decidedly departed deja vous?
Hidden in a brave denial
The remainder of her doting smile
Traced enhanced romanced by his hands
Attentive artistry of bleak bronze hews
Captures light behind enchanting eyes
Maybe she carries a child
Painting in her womb by her lovers brush
Swelling hearts baptizing minds as
The only work of art she will treasure
For it is so very personal
Love lights Mona Lisa’s darkest daze
Painted passion lives in an impression
A hint of a smile
Least the secret be told too loud.
By Kandle Jones ©2012

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