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A POET TREE By Kandle Jones

What readers say about this poem, "Comment by Ggagga Nk'dlih, "Laughing-Bear" 11 hours ago Delete Comment A very unique write painted with words of vibrancy! Blessings, Ggagga Nk’dlih ADMIN Comment 17 hours ago Stunning love, this has so much beauty within it, it left me breathless! Amazing imagery love, transcended me! xoxo 2nd ADMIN Comment yesterday Very nice piece Kandle, great concept. Its lovely to see you back with us again too :) 3rd ADMIN Beautiful.... I love the thought of a poet tree.... a place to sit with friends and share poetry and soul thoughts. Thank you for this vision Kandle dear.

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Home baked poem by Kandle Jones

Photo of Kandle taken by her with cell phone


Eye candy of literacy

Sit with me under the poet tree

It's colorful leaves with windy wet dreams

Growing glowing of holy wise sandy seas

Raining sonnets psalms songs of gold

Beige yesterday, neon now, future silver souls

Of foreign of home

Of ordinary of unknown

Of saint sinner some other zone

This black leaf is Emily

so dark smart sharply bleak

The red leaf rouge and profound

As Alice Walkers words painting nouns

The blue leaf a jazzy ballet

Of sonnets haikus John Lennon's yellow yesterday

The green leaf with promises of now

From music, the ears poetry of sound

Alex Haley, Dr Seus, ancient poets and the new

Prophetic stars of heart and sunny monsoon

Romantic rage roulette of moon.

Desert Dreamer, Henry, Sharonlee, O.R.M.E.

TTBoy /Anthony, favorites of Kandle, that's me

All are jewels priceless apart or in unity

All behold gifts of God, heart, soul, poet tree.


link to poem with a lovely model pic at this site.

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