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    Posted on Dec 30, 2015

    23 Things Only Weave Addicts Will Understand

    It’s seriously an obsession.

    1. On your days off, you often find yourself awake at early hours, heading to a weave sale on the other side of town.

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    2. Or you end up spending your free time making wigs.

    3. In short: Free time is weave time.

    4. Weave money comes first. Everything else comes second.


    5. And nothing beats a fresh install. Nothing.

    6. You're unable to contain your joy when your latest hair finally arrives.

    7. Two minutes after your latest install you're already thinking about your next weave.

    8. The excitement of unboxing and co-washing never gets boring.

    9. When you began your weave life, two bundles was the norm, but now no less than four will suffice.

    10. You love it when everyone thinks it’s your real hair.

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    11. You constantly tell yourself you'll go cold turkey, but you always end up going right back to weave.

    12. Your YouTube history is all weave tutorials and reviews.

    13. You're always thinking of new and inventive ways to dry your weave.

    14. When you see a fellow weavian with luscious, flowing locks, you must ask the all-important question: What kind of hair is that?


    15. Your soul dies slightly when you get a surprise call from bae after you've taken your weave out.

    16. Scenes like this give you heart palpitations.

    17. You're always super appreciative of your supplier.

    18. Even when your stylist tells you to take a break from the weave, you will not stop.

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    19. Who needs a hairline anyway when you can buy a silk base, three-part, Peruvian closure, shampooed in golden flakes?

    20. You will never dream of calculating how much you’ve spent on weaves in your lifetime.

    21. Even as a reformed weaveaholic, you still can’t help but stare at the weave aisle in the hair shop.


    22. And you're sick of people who are anti-weave.

    23. Because you know you're a queen, with or without weave.

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