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23 Things Only Weave Addicts Will Understand

It’s seriously an obsession.

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2. Or you end up spending your free time making wigs.

Instagram: @the_wig_lover

3. In short: Free time is weave time.

Instagram: @_virginhairlife

6. You're unable to contain your joy when your latest hair finally arrives.

Instagram: @elitestrands

8. The excitement of unboxing and co-washing never gets boring.

Instagram: @fameshowllc

It's a skilled process.


9. When you began your weave life, two bundles was the norm, but now no less than four will suffice.

Instagram: @hadiiyabarbelcollections

The bigger, the better.

11. You constantly tell yourself you'll go cold turkey, but you always end up going right back to weave.

Instagram: @dollbaby_825

12. Your YouTube history is all weave tutorials and reviews.

Instagram: @donthatemystyle

13. You're always thinking of new and inventive ways to dry your weave.

Instagram: @hairbycaren

16. Scenes like this give you heart palpitations.

Instagram: @quincydionxo

17. You're always super appreciative of your supplier.

Instagram: @bleuribbonhair

19. Who needs a hairline anyway when you can buy a silk base, three-part, Peruvian closure, shampooed in golden flakes?

Instagram: @hairfromhim

20. You will never dream of calculating how much you’ve spent on weaves in your lifetime.

Instagram: @myhairdoo

Probably enough to pay off a mortgage.

22. And you're sick of people who are anti-weave.

Instagram: @therealpvirgo

Let. Me. Live.

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