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12 Little Things About Taking Care Of Your Skin That Are Just Simply Annoying

Give your skin the care it craves with Kamedis.

1. The state of your ever-changing skin has a direct correlation to your moods and emotions.

2. A majority of those fun, trendy skin-care routines all your friends are doing only make your acne worse.

3. After taking your makeup off, you can barely recognize your naked face sometimes.

4. You've ventured to nearly every pharmacy in town to find the products that keep your acne in check.

5. Resisting the infuriating urge to pick at your acne is, like, a daily occurrence...

6. ...but you always end up sneaking a scratch even though you know how bad it is for you.

7. You've actively stayed out of direct sunlight for an entire summer to avoid any further skin irritation...

8. ...and also hibernated through the winter because your skin would painfully dry out within seconds of leaving the house.

9. There may be one or two days where your skin actually cooperates, and it seems too good to be true.

10. And then a string of breakouts pop up after day three, so you're frustrated and back to square one.

11. You’ve canceled plans last minute on multiple occasions because your skin just wasn’t feeling a night out.

12. No matter how much you've spritzed, blotted, and slathered your way through every recommended treatment process, you still haven't found success.

Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be difficult. With Kamedis's unique collection of skin-care products that blend traditional Eastern medicine and Western science, you can feel confident in your skin-care routines.