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    Creative 16th Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friends

    The 16th birthday is one of the most memorable birthdays in anyone’s life. For a teenager, his or her 16th birthday can be a big deal. Making it special for the teen might be the main goal of most parents. If your best friend’s 16th birthday is coming up, know that a lavish party is likely to follow. So, how can you make the party more fun for your BFF? What can you do to make sure that your friend has the most memorable day of her life? Picking a concrete gift idea that stands out or a gift of an experience can be the easiest way to make your friend’s 16th birthday extra special.

    1. Handmade Souvenir

    Jewelry Making Kit / Via

    Nothing beats a handmade gift especially when it comes to bringing a smile on your BFF’s face. To create something fancy, all it takes is a little bit of research. Learn hand lettering or calligraphy and create a vintage poster for your friend. Buy a jewelry making kit and make a piece of personalized jewelry. The ideas are plenty and these are simple gifts that can be a huge hit among friends.

    2. A Spa Hamper

    Spa Gift Hamper

    Most teens are keen on their personal care routines. You might already know your best friend’s skin type from all those discussions you have about skincare products and more. Pick a home spa or personal care supplies basket from a brand that your friend is very much fond of. This can be a wonderful gift for her on her 16th birthday. Even if it is a guy best friend that you are picking a gift for, there are several men’s skincare hampers available to help the teen tackle newfound problems like acne and more.

    3. Perfume Sampler Collection

    Perfume Sampler Collection / Via

    Both teen boys and girls would love to explore different designer perfumes. Even if you are on a tight budget where buying an expensive perfume is not an option, you can find some lower-priced assorted sampler collections that bring samples of the bestselling perfumes in the range. This can be a chic 16th birthday gift to choose for your best friend.

    4. Driving Related Gifts

    Driving Related Gifts

    Right when your friend is getting ready to prepare for getting a learner’s permit, there is a host of gifts you can get. There are funny yet informative books on driving that can help your friend prepare better for the driving lessons. There are also new driver gift baskets that you can pick as a token of motivation for your friend.

    5. Personalized Jewellery

    Personalized Jewellery

    This is one of the most popular ideas that youngsters recommend when it comes to gifting a friend on the 16th birthday. Being a birthday that is a tad bit more special than the rest, most teens are ready to spend a bigger budget than usual for their BFF. Semi-precious jewelry and those with embellishments like pearl or even a gemstone that your friend loves the most can be an easy gift for the 16th birthday. You can also find monogram pendants, charms, or bracelets that look trendy.

    6. Gift Card

    Gift Card / Via

    For those times where you just cannot decide or for those occasions where you feel that you should let your friend choose her gift, a gift card can be your easiest option. Gift cards are not boring anymore. Even the popular online shopping portals allow fancy gift cards delivered as personalized cards containing the voucher code that your friend can use later on to buy something she loves. You can pick one from a generic ecommerce portal or even pick a gift card from your friend’s favorite salon or beauty products store.

    7. A Cute Makeup Kit or Pouch


    Makeup sets and makeup pouches are also great gifts for a girl bestfriend. Keep in mind the challenges that teen skin faces and pick makeup products that are gentle on the skin.

    There are many that are made of natural ingredients and some cruelty-free products that your friend would appreciate. If you are not too sure about the kind of makeup products your friend might like, pick a stylish pouch that she can use to store her everyday makeup in her bag. Monogrammed ones or even those that feature personalized messages make great choices.

    8. Electronic Accessories

    Both boys and girls would love to receive gadget gifts. From wireless earphones to wearables like fitness bands and smartwatches, there are so many electronic accessories and gadgets you can pick to impress your friend on her birthday. For a boy who loves video games, there are wireless headsets that you can choose. Keep your friend’s lifestyle in mind and you would be able to pick the most relevant tech gift for your friend’s 16th birthday.

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