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10 Things 90s Tomboys Thought Were Cool

Did you spend your teenage years in the 90s watching Clueless and wearing platform shoes? Well, I sure didn't. If you were a tomboy in the 90s, you had a different idea of what was cool, and it went something like this...

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4. Anything Asian

Karate classes, Gunsmith Cats, kanji tattoos which you planned to get when you were older, kung-fu movies, and t-shirts with dragons on the front. The only culture that came close to being as cool as Asian was German.

5. Serial Killers

TV shows like Profiler and Millennium stoked a fascination with those dark, creepy individuals known as serial killers. The lead singer of Korn was into them. And those serial killer trading cards and t-shirts were on your wish list.

7. Sports Bras Are The Closest Thing To Sexy You're Gonna Get

Tomboys don't give a hoot about fashion, they just want to comfortable. Track suits are in, dresses are out. What would you even do with a box of make-up? I don't have a clue. See if the dog will eat it? The closest a 90s tomboy came to being sexy was to show off those abs in a sports bra in summer, influenced by Mel C.

8. TLC

Who says that people who listen to metal don't listen to pop? This 90s tomboy had no problem thinking both Maynard Keenan and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes were cool, and putting them together on a mix tape.

9. Anything Futuristic

In the 90s, sitting all day on a computer didn't mean you were lazy, it meant you were just smart, and customizing your Windows 95/98 colour scheme, sound effects, and startup screens to the millionth degree was an extension of your personality. Computers were the future. Who didn't daydream of becoming an elite hacker one day?

10. RTS Games

If you were a tomboy and a nerd in the 90s, you were a Harkonnen loyalist. After Dune 2, Westwood went on the make the popular Command and Conquer series. Real Time Strategy games were big in the 90s. Long live Kane!

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